Monday, 23 March 2009

and...some works in progress.

Yesterday, I decided it would be fun to do a still life for a change. I only had about 40 minutes to paint before we were of to a trip to the botanic gardens with my family, so it was a rough and ready fast moving sketch..

This morning, I thought perhaps I'd better do a little more work before I uploaded. I worked up the bowl around it a little more, after a couple of suggestions from my partner , Kit -

But it looked a bit too bowl-like now..and the plums needed work. So..

And then I thought the plum at the back was a little too red. Final adjustment and voila..

Of course, every painting needs a companion piece. And I thought it would be nice to show one from start to finish..

And this as as far as I have got just now. Will keep uploading as it progresses.. and let me know which versions you like best.


Mid afternoon - (after which it all goes a bit horribly wrong...)

And just for fun.. this cool website puts your pics in the gallery!


  1. Posted my comment on lj but I've since realised that may not be the best way for you to get to see it so I'll re-post here...

    I really like the one you put in the gallery but my overall favourite is the very top one - yep, that's right the 'rough and ready fast moving sketch' :p

  2. No, I can't se LJ comments..well I can now, because I just added me to my friends list. That feels weird :p

    Sometimes I wonder why I ever spend more than 40 minutes on a pic :p

    Thanks for commenting, Kat