Wednesday, 18 March 2009


This is the first blog post of what I hope will be many here, so it makes sense to start off with a little background.

Last month I became redundant in the same week as I finally qualified as an architect. With the world the way it is, it's unlikely that I'll get work in architecture for at least another 6 months or probably a year.

With that in mind, I turned to my 'alternate' career of being an artist - something that's seen me through student days, when I did 'House portraits' like the one shown here; times when I was too ill to work in architecture, and times when I would just rather be painting.

In the past, I've sold in Edinburgh cafes and little galleries, outdoor markets and galleries in New Zealand; set up selling postcards and prints of my paintings in rural France. I've probably sold somewhere between 500 to 1000 paintings over the years; yet I've never had a proper show, or approached many serious galleries.

This blog will be following me as I attempt to take my art a bit more seriously - to break into new galleries, to begin marketing and selling properly online, and above all, to take my painting somewhere I can be proud of, rather than 'scribbles for tourists'.

Paintings in progress like the one to the left will be shown, from beginning to end, and hopefully by talking through my work here, I'll understand better myself the what, why and how of what I do - and become a better painter.

I'll also be looking at other artists I admire, critiquing paintings I love, and reviewing Scottish galleries that I visit.

The recession has given me a chance to go back and do something I love, and learn to do it well. This is my diary about how I do it. Wish me luck!

And finally - all works shown here can be purchased as cards or prints at Red Bubble, and many are available as originals at Art Gallery . Some Originals are also for sale at Greens and Blues, a Scottish gallery in North Berwick.


  1. Well done Fee. Congratulations again on your Part 3 as well. If this takes off you might not have to do the architecture "bit"..... wouldn't that be good.

  2. That was me....Al..... wouldn't let me post apart from anonymously... me and technolgy!


  3. Great blog! Please keep writing - I love to paint, and I'm about to get a place to set up my paints again. I will love hearing about what you are doing.

  4. Cheers, katie! I'm having to stop myself from writing all the time at the moment, so there will be lots more to come.

  5. Congratulations on your wonderful blog Fee, love your work as I think it is outstanding, never been one for looking at art before until I met you on RB and also another Edinburgh based Artist called John Dolan who I also know personally. He too has a page on RB.

    Look forward to viewing more of your work when I get a bit more time, as you know I am embroiled with my project of getting into wholesale and retail of my photography.

    Catch up with you soon either here or on RB

    Take care and keep blogging

    Chris Clark