Monday, 30 March 2009


Well, that's the maxim for art, or rather, non-collectible art. But whilst walking around Edinburgh on Saturday with a friend of mine, I saw something that made me giggle...

Firstly, we came across the stalls on the high street, selling some surprisingly nice prints and some very reasonably priced original art. Beautifully mounted and wrapped, from £30 - £45 for an original painting ...well, dirt and cheap come to mind, especially when it's not the artist himself who is selling it, so there's other people taking a cut along that chain. ( click on the image to see the price tag..)

So we carry on our daunder, stopping in it at the 'Red Door Gallery', a nice wee boutique gallery that sells a lot of lovely prints. Leaving there, we pass another gallery that shall not be named, selling this :

As my friend put it, that must be one hell of a frame. Gold plated?

I think I'd be rather annoyed if I was a towrist and I'd just spent £230 quid on a piece of original art...then found the same thing 200 metres up the road for £30. I think the moral of the lesson is to be consistent in your pricing. Or maybe it is buyer beware. Or maybe it's that galleries, on occasion, take the utter piss...

Anyway. Finished off commission paintings over the weekend which made me happy, and did this wee triptych. Apologies for no post on Sunday.. but I figure very few people are actually reading this on the weekend anyway, so it's OK to miss the odd Sunday.

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