Thursday, 26 March 2009

X-Factor for Artists

Working on a commission at the moment, which has been a long drawn-out process. But I will finish it today! I WILL!

Because I need to have the time to prepare for BBC 2's version of the X- factor for artists - I just found out about this yesterday, and I think I shall give it a go. (it's not really x-factor, it's a slightly more serious endeavour, but I like describing it like that). I don't have a chance in hell, but hey, you have to try, right? And it will be a good exercise picking out 5 works and describing how and why they are important, and whether I achieved what I set out to do.

I've asked my friends on Lj to take a look at my gallery and pick out 5 images they like best - if anyone reading this wants to give that a shot too I'd be very grateful (apologies for cross posting to Lj readers of this). The criteria is that I have to have the artworks to hand, and they have to be painted in the last two years - which rules out anything in the Watercolours, Pen & Ink sketches, or miscellaneous sections of my galleries, as most of these are already sold, or were done a long time ago.

Chances of my getting the part time job in the local art shop are about as good as getting a job in architecture at the moment - i.e. rather slim. I spoke to the manageress yesterday and they had 120 applicants the last time they advertised! Ah well. I could do with the 20% off art supplies...for that I'd work for nothing.

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