Monday, 20 April 2009

Location Location Location

It's monday again, and the beginning of my third week in France.

It feels strange being back here for so long, and in a little sense feels like I have come full circle. The last time I tried to develop art as a career was out here in France, where I ran in to several problems - not least of which was not speaking the language.

But the biggest problem was then, and is now, that I don't find the landscape here particularly drives me to paint. It is beautiful here - there is no doubting that - but it's a kind of self contained beauty, a tranquility, that seems to have no need for translation by the artist.

The colours are soft, the hills are low, the river meandering and placid. There is no drama - no hook. Of course, I'm doing my best with such materiels as I have, and perhaps for another painter, this would be a paradise of inspiration.

Just not for me. But that's ok - I'm working on my Ville D'or series, and if I can't find what I need directly in front of me, it just needs to go through that extra translation process in my head.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more actual finished paintings to show. That's the plan, anyway.
A demain.

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