Thursday, 23 April 2009

Valle d'Or continued

And the latest in the series.

Have to admit, I am thoroughly enjoying making these paintings. The process is somewhat akin to design, imagining what will unfold in the next panel along - half closing my eyes until I can see the landscape before me. I really feel this is a development in the right direction, and I'll push it until the inspiration is all squeezed out.

take a look at the gallery here to see all 5 together.


  1. This is a really interesting and exciting way of working, Fee.
    It reminds me of a couple of family games we play based on consequences - the first is a drawn version, rechristened Monsterquences by my daughter, where you all draw a head, then fold the paper over, leave the neck for reference and pass on to the next person etc etc, the other version is a poetic version, where you write a line then pass it on to the next person, who writes a line as a response to the first line, but then folds the paper over and passes on again so that the third person only sees the line immediately preceding (goodness, that sounds really complicated, but it's not, honest). Anyhow, although the Monsterquences rarely results in something beautiful (unless you find comedy monsters beautiful, that is), the Poetic version does result in some extraordinary pieces that have an integrity in spite of the fact that they are a group effort.
    Anyway - the way you are evolving the next slice of landscape from the previous on is really exciting and has so much potential for experimentation - how far you can you take it - travelling from something rural to something urban, or letting the colour pallet evolve into something new as the landscape changes - the possibilities are endless and I'm really looking forward to where you're taking us next!

  2. Manda, thank you so much for the thoughtful long response :)

    And you are right, it is very like monsterquences!!!each panel starts anew with the 'tails' of the one previous. Great way to describe it!

    You made me think a lot with the ideas of the colour palette slowly changing and the shift from rural to urban. I have been trying to gradually bring in a 'foreground', where the viewer is in the landscape, but it's eluding me so far..maybe we will end up in a town eventually though.