Friday, 3 April 2009


Is not something I generally seek out. Not that I don't like it precisely, but more that it always seems to take me ages to do it.

Mind, that's mostly because the commissions I have done in the last couple of years have been for charity - which I am all in favour of, if I can make £400 for charity just by giving a few hours of my time, well, that's awesome. And I'm glad to do it. The problem has been getting round to it, particularly when I had a very demanding full time job as well as studying for my professional exams in architecture. And when I'm not painting much, so there's the whole bit of getting back in to practice before I even start.

So it was with a large sense of relief when I went to drop off this painting last night - I really had taken too long over this, and though the recipients were lovely people and very understanding, it was good to have the decks cleared.

Just to say sorry over the delay, I gave them a wee sketch of their gorgeous black lab, Carrie. I think they were almost happier with this than the house painting.

Happy customers is a Good Thing. So I think I'll maybe build a little side website for house paintings - it may not be high art, but if it's art that makes people happy, and makes me a bit of a living then it's not a bad thing.

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